Who We Are

Victoria McCallum
Owner of VLMGraphics 

VLMGraphics provides self love, women empowerment and an emphasis on comfort in its merchandise and products. We must take care of ourselves and we must take care of each other. I believe the best way to remind ourselves and the world of this message is to wear it on our bodies. 

I’m always cold! My favorite thing to wear is a cozy hoodie and I love rocking my “Thank God for Black Women” hoodie. I try hard not to let the cold weather keep me on the couch. I will also be rocking my “Health Hair Hustle” flow tank top at the gym or for my at home workouts! Did you purchase some merchandise? Take photos, send them to @vlmgraphics and be some of the first to model the merch on our platforms!

How I Started?

VLMGraphics was my only business before I co founded Na’Toria Marketing & Design Solutions LLC with partner and best friend, Natasha D. Na’Toria focuses on our synced passion; building black wealth through black ownership by helping black entrepreneurs and businesses THRIVE. VLMGraphics focuses on building the individual who then, in turn, builds others. It is a brand that inspires us and reminds us of what’s important, SELF. We Are Important.

"I" wouldn't be here without "Them"

Thank you to the best SQUAD anyone could asked for! I appreciate all of you for supporting my efforts! You have been patient with me and have walked me off of plenty of edges. I have a family that I would not trade for the world! Thank you for your support!

Thank you to my ride or die bestie and business partner, Natasha. Girl, I don’t even want to imagine my world without you so we will not go there. I LOVE YOU LADY!

Thank you to my wonderful fiance who ensures I am able to pursue all of my goals and dreams. You are my favorite person, my biggest supporter, my partner and my safe place. I love you with everything Michael. 

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You don’t have to be black or a women to support our brand. Show your support through a purchase, a promotion, or simply wearing our products.

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